Chat Programme LINE Adds Kingdom Heart Stickers To Lineup


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In a post over on Twitter, the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter  account tweeted a collaborative tieup with messenger app LINE for smartphones.


LINE is a free chat application, like WhatsApp or Kakao, and it’s particularly popular in Japan. This boils down mostly to the fact it has a crazy range of free and paid for sticker options in its shop. Users can then use these stickers during conversations, like emoticons.



Kingdom Hearts is now part of the sticker lineup with its own set of stickers. They feature the various characters and monsters from the series, and let you put across comments like “Thanks”, “It’s a Secret” and “Really?”


Of course, it’s not just stickers that make people pick up LINE. It’s also because it’s tied its API to plenty of mobile phone games. Similar to how websites have been making use of Google or Facebook accounts to log you in to them, LINE users can use their LINE accounts to start an account on various phone games featured in LINE’s lineup.


LINE is available on iOS and Android.