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Check Out Atlus’ Massive Persona Stream Here



Atlus just kicked off their massive 30+ hours edition Persona Channel 2015 live stream, where we can expect to see some of the latest announcements for the series. Since 30 hours might be a bit too much for most people, we’ve put together the hours for the unannounced parts of the stream, since those are likely when any announcements will take place.



Here are the hours for the programs that were listed as “???” which we can assume will be some sort of announcement.


  • February 4 23:40 JPT (February 4th at 6:40am PST/9:40am EST) – ???


  • February 5 at 12:30 JPT (February 4th at 7:30pm PST/10:30pm EST) – ???


  • February 5 at 21:?? JPT (February 5th at 4:00am PST/7:00am EST) – ?????


Although I might be looking into it too much, we wonder if the third unannounced program could have something to do with Persona 5,  considering how Atlus have used five question marks instead of three like in the other segments. Additionally, in case you miss any portions of the stream, a user on YouTube is archiving the whole thing.


You can also check out the complete schedule for the Persona Channel 2015 live stream in our earlier report.

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