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Check Out BlazBlue: Central Fiction’s Secret Character Susano’o And His Godly Combos



BlazBlue: Central Fiction released yesterday in Japan, and new footage has surfaced showing off the game’s secret character, Susano’o, who has some monster combos. [Thanks, Shoryuken.]


Susano’o, the ultimate form of Terumi, is unlocked by clearing the game’s story mode, but he currently isn’t usable in Network Mode. On the hand, he has a special “God of War” track when he goes up against Hakumen.


His gameplay mechanics revolve around the eight seals shown on the bottom of the screen, that are unlocked by his drive. The arrow indicates which one is currently selected, and it switches when Susano’o lands a hit. Each seal corresponds to a special move, and there are even some that can be leveled up twice.


The above is a look at his “Day 1 Combos.”


Followed by his Astral Heat.


This one shows us his Challenge Mode combos, along with a look at his Distortion Drives, including one that unlocks all seals.


More combos.


And some more for good measure.


BlazBlue: Central Fiction is available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. North America gets the game on November 1 and Europe on November 4, 2016.

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