Check Out Devilian’s “Petite Yet Powerful” Anime-Style Cannoneer Class


Trion has revealed the “petite yet powerful” Canonneer class for its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Devilian. Get a look at her in the video above.


As you’ll see, the Cannoneer specializes in using a giant gun (well, a cannon) that fires big explosive projectiles that cover a large area when shot. It can even be upgraded to the point that she’s launching her own artillery strikes and warheads.


The size of her weapon is emphasized by the minuteness and cuteness of the anime-like stylings of the class. But she loses some of that innocent look when transitioning to her devil form. In this enhanced form, she can fire deadly high-damage projectiles and buff her run speed.


You can sign-up to be part of Devilian’s closed beta over on its website.

Chris Priestman