Check Out FFIX In Pixel Art Form In Final Fantasy Record Keeper



Square Enix and DeNA made a nostalgia-fueled smartphone game earlier last year called Final Fantasy Record Keeper, that has you take on the role of a history department worker that checks out sealed memories of different worlds. Dengeki shows off some memories of Final Fantasy IX in the game.


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Starting with the mysterious masked man on the top image, followed by a look at the fight against Steiner and the giant Bomb, we can immediately tell that it’s part of the opening from Final Fantasy IX.


Steiner doesn’t seem to notice the Bomb about to blow up right behind him, and the battle will keep going on until you can take him down.


ffrk_05_cs1w1_298x ffrk_06_cs1w1_298x

Once you defeat them, it gives you a little summary on what happens in the story that follows, with Zidane and Garnet as seen in the above image.


ffrk_07_cs1w1_298x ffrk_08_cs1w1_298x

To give you a better idea of how the game works, you play as Dr. Mog’s best student Deci, while teaming up with various Final Fantasy characters, as you revisit worlds throughout the series. The player in the above screenshot has a party made up of Deci, Cloud, Warrior of Light, Vanilla, and Rydia.



The Final Fantasy IX story doesn’t stop there, as the game also provides challenge events, with one recent challenge featuring Garnet that ended last week.


ffrk_02_cs1w1_x720 ffrk_03_cs1w1_x720 ffrk_04_cs1w1_x720

Garnet can use summon magic of up to rarity level 5, to go with level 4 white magic, and level 2 physical support. She’s considered a top-class mage, and will definitely help out in any challenge.


ffrk_06_cs1w1_x720 ffrk_07_cs1w1_x720 ffrk_08_cs1w1_x720

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is currently available in Japan for iOS and Android. You can also check out our earlier report to see what Tetsuya Nomura looks like in 16-bit fashion.

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