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Check Out High Level Play Videos Of DJ Max Successor, Superbeat Xonic


    Four videos of upcoming PlayStation Vita rhythm game Superbeat Xonic have appeared online that seemed to have been filmed during a demonstration event at developer Nurijoy’s studios in Seoul, Korea.


    While Superbeat Xonic is being published by PM Studios, who considers it a spiritual successor to its PSP rhythm game DJ Max Fever, these new videos of it in action show it to be quite a different beast. Specifically, Superbeat Xonic has none of DJ Max Fever’s animated backgrounds, instead opting for a more intense experience that sees notes for you to match flying down a screen-sized tunnel at you.


    As you’ll see in the video of Black Inked Skin being played on a PlayStation TV above, as well as the two videos below – the songs being H.O.W.ling and Timeline – the interface is split on either side of the screen with a curved strip representing the area that you have to hit the incoming beats within.

    These curved strips are actually split into three, with each of these representing a different button that you’ll have to hit to match beats. As you’ll see in this video of Superbeat Xonic actually being played on a PS Vita (and really really well, too), the buttons seem to be as follows…


    Left side:

    Down d-pad – bottom

    Left d-pad – middle

    Left trigger – top


    Right side:

    X button – bottom

    O button – middle

    Right trigger – top

    Superbeat Xonic also supports touch controls, and while these haven’t been shown anywhere, common sense tells us that you’ll just have to tap the top, middle, or bottom of the screen on the left and right side to match the beats.


    The fourth and final video shows us what the menu will look like. Songs are given a difficulty rating and when highlighted your best score and best combo is displayed. You can also choose to change the speed of the song as well as change or turn off the key sound from the menu.


    Superbeat Xonic is due out on PS Vita this summer. It will have 45 music tracks and 200 unique play patterns to beat.

    Chris Priestman

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