Check Out The Stylish Sword Strikes And Razor Kills Of Ronin



Devolver Digital and solo creator Tomasz Wacławek have revealed upcoming turn-based stealth action game Ronin with a striking trailer. You can watch it above.


In look and concept, Ronin is very similar to Tom Francis’s 2D stealth puzzler debut Gunpoint. In fact, Ronin started out as a riff on Gunpoint made for the Cyberpunk Game Jam. But, over the past 10 months or so, Wacławek has been working on taking the idea in a slightly different direction.


And so, while Ronin is about infiltrating facilities in 15 stages to take down five prominent figures of a powerful corporation, it’s more violent than Gunpoint due to using a sword instead of diversions, and it’s turn-based, plus you might be a little more agile in Ronin than in Gunpoint too.


As the game’s heroine, you’re able to plan out each step of your infiltration by leaping through windows, clinging to ceilings with a grappling hook, and using a variety of traps and weapons to take out the patrols along the way. The sword strike is the most used method of elimination it seems, but you can also use razor wire to strangle people, and there’s a holographic replicator that lets you send out visual clones of yourself to throw attention away from you.


Mostly, it’s about knowing when to leap out from the shadows either to move or strike, and then keeping out of sight, or at least one step ahead of your enemy, from there on. In any case, it’s stylish, seems satisfying, and should be out on Steam soon.

Chris Priestman