Check Out This Serious Motion Simulator Rig Used For Ace Combat 7



There are all kinds of awesome custom rigs for different games out there, but this fan-made motion simulator setup for Ace Combat 7 might be one of the more intense rigs we’ve seen.


According to YouTube user machkun1 who put the setup together, it is equipped with an R-Craft multi-axis motion simulator with a A VKB T-Rudder, and DIY TM HOTAS Warthog stick and button box. As for the monitor, he’s using the 49-inch super ultra-wide Samsung gaming monitor C49HG90.


When asked about the pricing, machkun1 says the cost was “high as hell” and it took over three years to save and put it together, but it was estimated to be over $25,000.


For those of you with ultra-wide monitors interested in checking out Ace Combat 7 on Steam, a widescreen patch was shared here.


Ace Combat 7 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check our previous report for a Season Pass teaser trailer.

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