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Check Out Ultra Street Fighter II’s First Gameplay Footage Of The New First-Person Mode



Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is getting a new first-person mode where you’ll get to use the Joy-Cons to perform Hadoukens as Ryu to take out enemies. Here’s its first gameplay footage that was shared in the latest Capcom TV live stream.


You can skip towards the 2:57:08 mark of the video to watch the “Way of the Hado” mode. In this mode, you’ll take the Joy-Con controllers to do motions in order to take out Shadaloo Soldiers.


The game’s Stage Mode comes in Beginner, Standard, and Extra difficulties. The game requires you to aim at different parts of the screen with Hadoken motions to hit enemies from a distance and an uppercut motion to take out closer enemies with a Shoryuken once the super meter fills up, you can even launch a Shinku Hadoken.


Other modes that we got a peek of in the footage shows “Endless Mode” and “Training Mode” but we mostly got to see Stage Mode in play for the footage.


Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is in development for Nintendo Switch.

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