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Not everyone can do everything in their respective chapters in Yakuza 5. Things like that tend to happen when the characters find themselves in different places at different times. Kazuma is in Nagasugai, Taiga is in Tsukimino, both Haruka and Shun are in Soutenbori, and Tatsuo is in Kineicho. Eventually, everybody ends up in Kamurocho, where everyone can enjoy the same activities. But prior to that, you’re limited depending on which chapter and character you’re controlling.


Everyone begins playing as Kazuma in Nagasugai. He has pretty much immediate access to the darts, fishing, grabbing machine, karaoke, pachislots, pachinko, photo booth, shogi, Taiko Drum Master, and Virtua Fighter 2 activities. The grabbing machines, photo booth, Taiko Drum Master, and Virtua Fighter 2 can all be found in Club Sega, which is down the street from Kazuma’s apartment on Ose. If you’d rather go to karaoke, turn left on Nagasu when leaving Kazuma’s home and look for the karaoke spot on the right. The Lucky Parlor, where you can play pachinko or pachislots, is on Ai. Make a left on Ai from Nagasu to reach it. The fishing spot is along the river on Chikuzen River, on your right. It opens up after one of the substories. He can also play shogi with a man alongside the river. As for the darts minigame, turn left on Nagasu River after leaving Kazuma’s apartment. Bee will be right near the taxi stop on the left.


Taiga doesn’t get quite as many activities to enjoy, due to there being no Club Sega in Tsukimino. He is situated in a small, Sapporo, Hokkaido town. Still, he can enjoy bowling, darts, karaoke, and a game of pool. Given the size of the map, you should have no trouble finding each location. However, the bar with darts and pool is on Lavender in the bottom left corner of the map. Go as far south and west as you can, and you’ll find it. If you leave the bar and head toward Half Moon, turn left on Central Station, you’ll find the karaoke center. The only attraction not in this lower left corner is the Northern Lanes bowling alley, which is on the left-most side of North Little, across from Ebisu Pawn.


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Meanwhile, Haruka and Shun have quite a bit to do in Soutenbori. The map is pretty spread out as well, meaning it’s quite a trek to some locations. Fishing, karaoke, golf, Mahjong, pachislot, photo booths, Taiko Drum Master, and Virtua Fighter 2 are all available here. Club Sega, the golf center, and Sunrise pachislots are all on Soutenbori Avenue at the top of the map, and fishing is naturally along the river. You can play Mahjong at the towers right next to Haruka’s apartment. As for karaoke, it’s available at the very bottom of the map, near PRIME.


Kinecho, Tatsuo’s haunt, is as small and well laid out as Tsukimino, so finding your way to mini-games is incredibly easy. He can enjoy all of the Club Sega amusements, go to batting cages, fish, play pool, or enjoy karaoke. Goshiki, the street running horizontally along the bottom of the map, has both the karaoke center and First Shot bar, for karaoke and pool, within a block of each other. Club Sega is around the corner from the karaoke join on Tumugi. To get some batting in, go to the gym at the corner of Tumugi and Gingko. To fish, head to Nagoya Pier via a taxi.


Finally, there’s Kamurocho. As expected, you can do everything here. There’s air hockey, batting, bowling, casino games, darts, karaoke, Mahjong, pachinko, pachislots, pool, shogi, and of course the Club Sega games. Park Boulevard, at the top of the area, is a good place to start. The Yoshida Batting Center, hotsprings, and Ryuugujo Building are all in that area, providing immediate access to air hockey, batting, and gambling games like Blackjack, Poker, and Koi Koi. Club Sega and the bowling alley, as well as the pachinko and pachislot parlor are nearby in the Theater Square. It’s actually rather nice, how everything is clustered together either around the theaters and hotel or near Nakamichi and Pink streets in the southern area of Kamurocho. The second Club Sega is on Nakamichi, Orchid Palace Mahjong is nearby, just off of Pink, and both the shogi and karaoke parlors are nearby on Senryo. These four attractions are all near the cab stand at the corner of Pink and Showa, so it’s easy to pay a small fee and be right there. As for fishing, catch a cab to Kamuracho’s pier.


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Now that you have a general idea of where all of Yakuza 5’s hot spots are, it should be much easier to find each place on the map when roaming around, having fun. I’d like to recommend you make all of the guys sing “Bakamitai” at karaoke. Each will see a different photo during the cinematic segment. All of them are funny, but Kazuma singing to “Rex” is the best.


Yakuza 5 is immediately available for the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Store.

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