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Cherish Every Moment With Nagi In Lost Dimension


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Lost Dimension has quite a large cast of characters, all of whom are waiting for you to spend some time battling and bonding with them in the Pillar. There’s one in particular I think you should know, though. Her name is Nagi and truly, she’s the best girl. Or woman, if you’d prefer. (Sorry – I’ve been watching Nisekoi.) My greatest regret is that not once, but twice did she decide to turn traitor in my playthroughs.


Fortunately, that might not be the case for you! After all, Lost Dimension’s traitors are randomly determined at the start of each adventure. Even though my favorite kept stabbing me in the back, Nagi could be one of your most trustworthy assets.


Which would be great, because Nagi is awesome. To start, she works wonderfully as a scout. She and Agito each have abilities that allow them to quickly traverse the battlefield, disregarding elevation. When faced with a map that has multiple levels, adding Nagi to the team lets you quickly take higher ground without having to search for ladders. Levitation for the win.


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Plus, it means her character model is constantly floating, which is pretty cool. Bonus points to FuRyu for not giving her some sort of billowy dress as a uniform. Though honestly, it’s difficult to tell what he’s wearing. It seems to be a bodysuit with shorts, with a sarong around it? It doesn’t matter. The point is, Lost Dimension isn’t using her as some sort of fanservice character, and that’s appreciated.


It wouldn’t fit anyway, because Nagi is a hard hitter. While I did suggest her as a scouting role, you don’t want her to be locked into that. Sure, she’s one of those folks you can send in ahead of the pack and know she’ll be fine. But, Nagi is also great for working in a group to take out hordes of enemies.


She and Toya are the only two characters in Lost Dimension whose primary weapons offer an area attack. Give her an app that boosts her strength and the best gun she can have at the time, and you will never, ever regret it. Making sure she packs a punch, combined with her agility, gives you something of a super soldier that will deal damage, but hopefully never have to take it.


nagi lost dimension 3

Her Gifts help with that too. All of her offensive skills involve dealing massive damage to people, often hitting multiple foes at a time. Thousand Knives, Dragon Dive, and Particle Crush will be a huge help when you need lots of bad guys gone. Giving her the Sense materia so she can learn Silent Slash helps too. It only hits one target, but that chance of instantly killing an opponent is great. It’s hard to corner someone if she’s wiping out more than one enemy at a time or immediately incapacitating anyone she attacks.


My greatest wish for you all, however, is that you get to see the Lost Dimension Nagi I didn’t. In my game, she was always gone too soon, before I could unlock her true potential. Three of her Gifts only unlock if you are able to invest 1GP in every green, purple and red skills. While one, Gravitron, is a triggered Gift that increases agility, dexterity, and movement for three turns, the other two are passive skills that apply to the entire battle so long as Nagi is part of the current team. G-Force ties damage to movement, increasing output depending on how far they do or don’t move if you add points to purple skills. Zero Gravity is tied to red skills and boosts the movement range of everyone in your party. They won’t be flying, but they’ll go farther than ever before.


Nagi is an incredible asset to any Lost Dimension line-up. She’s a great character, and perhaps one of the strongest allies you can have on your side. That she may abandon your team because of a silly thing like "gameplay mechanics" is a tragedy, but maybe next time she’ll stay?

Jenni Lada
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