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Cherrymochi To “Explore” Porting Tokyo Dark To PS Vita If The PC Version Is Successful



With Cherrymochi’s success on Kickstarter for its upcoming 2D horror-adventure Tokyo Dark there was a question burning to be asked: would the game be coming to any other platforms beside PC? The answer is a maybe.


Originally, Cherrymochi’s FAQ section on its Kickstarter page said that if the funding was successful then stretch goals for other platforms might be added. This has since been changed to read: We would love to bring Tokyo Dark to more platforms, but for now we recommend potential backers only support Tokyo Dark if they want to play on PC or Mac.”


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However, speaking to Siliconera, Jon Williams of Cherrymochi had something to add to that that should interest PlayStation Vita owners out there.


“For the Kickstarter we won’t be adding any extra platforms as stretch goals, we will be focusing on PC and Mac only – our workflow is tried and tested and we know we can bring a fantastic game to desktop,” Williams said. “Once Tokyo Dark is released on Steam next year, depending on sales and success of the game we hope to use the profits to explore porting Tokyo Dark toPS Vita.”


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You can still support Tokyo Dark on Kickstarter but note that those funds and rewards only correspond to the Windows and Mac versions of the game.

Chris Priestman