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Chibi Heroes & Cute Foes Battle In New Guardians Of Arcadia Trailer


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Cute friends and foes abound in the new trailer for Guardians of Arcadia, a “nostalgic JRPG experience” that offers turn-based combat between chibi heroes and adorable monsters.


General Nero of Baikal has been attacking kingdoms with his advanced weaponry, having left the home of Hikaru and Aki destroyed. From here, the brother and sister decide to fight back, meeting a ragtag group of cute heroes to fight back against the villain’s cruel plot, fighting his charming forces across the world (and using several unique vehicles to explore it as well).

Guardians of Arcadia draws from classic JRPG design, featuring random turn-based battles where players will have to choose the best set of attacks and abilities in order to take out their foes. Each of their enemies has a weakness that can be exploited through smart play as well, encouraging players learn who they are fighting as they explore the game’s 3D world.


Guardians of Arcadia is set to release on Xbox One and Steam in 2018.

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