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Chihaya Sings Like A Bird In Her The Idolmaster: Stella Stage Trailer


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As The Idolmaster: Stella Stage’s debut draws nearer, more singers get videos showcasing their talents. The latest member of the cast to get her moment is Chihaya Kisaragi. She’s considered one of the strongest singers in-game.


Chihaya Kisaragi



Chihaya is a determined young woman who is an incredibly gifted singer. In many games, part of her storyline focuses on how her drive is admirable, but can sometimes have her missing out on other opportunities or obsessing over things. She is a little socially awkward sometimes, due to her ambition, maturity, and overthinking things, but she’s a good person. “Aoi Tori,” which translates to “Blue Bird,” is one of her most notable songs and is one of the original 10 The Idolmaster tracks.


When looking back at released trailers, I realized somehow Ami Futami slipped under our radar. So let’s go ahead and look back at her introduction video, so people can see what the other Futami twin is like.


Ami Futami



Ami has been with The Idolmaster series from the very beginning. However, initially her and her twin sister, Mami, would both perform together under her name. (They would alternate who would go on stage and perform.) The two were split into separate characters as of The Idolmaster 2, where Ami wasn’t entirely playable in the main campaign due to her being part of Ritsuko’s Ryuuguu Komachi unit. She performs “Start→ Star→” in her trailer, a personal and image song that first appeared in The Idolmaster SP as a song for a single performer.


Previous The Idolmaster: Stella Stage videos have looked at Shika, Hibiki, Yayoi, Iori, Ritsuko, Yukiho, Mami, Haruka, Makoto, and Miki.


The Idolmaster: Stella Stage will debut on the PlayStation 4 on December 21, 2017.

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