Child Of Cooper Lets You Relive A Child’s Memories In Virtual Reality


Might and Delight (creators of Shelter and its sequel) has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming “dark narrative” game Child of Cooper. The studio also announced that it will be coming to virtual reality headsets as well as Windows and Mac.


In it, you relive the memory of a child, but you aren’t in full control here. The memory will advance whether you’re ready for it to or not. Plus, you won’t be told how to interact with anything or even how to move around – this is all left for you to work out. The idea being that you are as if a child walking into a grownup world that you don’t understand.


Depending on you how engage with the game for its duration will determine how you interpret the story. You only get clues and fragments as to what it is all about so piecing it together as much as you like (or can) from what you see is a big part of the experience.


Might and Delight also shows off Child of Cooper’s art style in this teaser. It’s described as a “surrealistic, almost threatening style that highlights certain objects that the child remembers clearly while others are impossible to make out.”


You can find out more about Child of Cooper on its website. It also has a Steam page.

Chris Priestman
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