Chime Sharp Is Leaving Early Access In June


Chime Sharp has a release window. The musical puzzle game and successor to Chime came to Steam’s Early Access program in November for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In June 2016, the game will officially be released.


In Chime Sharp, players are presented with an empty board. Placing pieces to make at least 3×3 shapes creates notes known as quads, which will be played as music when a constantly cycling bar passes over them. You earn points for this, naturally. You want to try and cover 100% of the board to increase the amount of time you can spend on it and earn more points. Each level has a different board shape and different pieces to use.


There are currently 15 levels in Chime Sharp, each with a song from a different artist, and which can be played in Timed, Sharp, or Strike modes. Timed is about completing a level within a certain amount of time. Sharp removes the time limits, instead requiring you to use as many pieces as possible. In Strike mode, you can lose coverage as you play. The time spent in Early Access has been used to balance the game and prepare tracks.


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Chime Sharp is immediately available via Steam’s Early Access. It is $19.99 at the moment, though the product listing says the price will be lower after its official release.

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