Chinese Visual Novel The Innocent Luna: Eclipsed SinnerS Heads West



    Chinese indie game creator D.E.Z. Studio has recently acquired the rights from publisher Angel Blue Digital Entertainment to sell its visual novel The Innocent Luna: Eclipsed SinnerS on Steam for English speaking players.


    As such, the game is now available to vote up on Steam Greenlight.


    It takes place in an isolated town in a forgotten part of the world that was once peaceful. Now, however, a series of murders have sprung out around the town, and your lover was one of the victims. You follow the memories and dreams that your lover left behind in order to find the truth behind her murder.



    According to D.E.Z. Studio, The Innocent Luna has over 10 hours of story in the game’s main plot alone. On top of that there, are multiple branching routes to discover with 14 unique endings.


    Also worth noting is that D.E.Z. Studio has put another game on Steam Greenlight called 1/9 Black White Girl. It’s a Reversi simulation visual novel. The main character is a girl called Zhang Jiali, a recent college freshman, who starts her own student reversi club. It starts off with just Jiali and her friend Qing but soon the reversi club welcomes some stranger girls too.

    Chris Priestman

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