In Chivalrous Days, War Was Decided With Rock, Paper, Scissors



There’s something elegantly simple about Rock, Paper, Scissors. Its clean rules, its unambiguous wins. More wars should be fought like this, which is what mobile game Fantasy Puzzle Saga sets out to prove.


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Before each battle, you’ll try to match up as many similar icons in a Puzzle & Dragons-style board to powerup various attacks as a timer ticks down. After that, it’s a showdown using the familiar rock-beats-scissors-beats-paper-beats-rock fight, similar to Fire Emblem. What you’ve collected goes into a matchup against the enemy, and skills will either nullify each other or swing true depending on their affinity.


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Players can pick from one of several characters, each with their own unique skills. You can level characters up and find gear to equip on them. The main campaign alone has more then 100 stages.


The art is also pretty cutesy, with skills being appropriately flashy without overburdening my smartphone.


Fantasy Puzzle Saga is out now on iOS and Android.