Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition Volume 1 Physical Copy Released

chobits 20th anniversary edition volume 1

Prepare to feel old. The first volume of CLAMP’s Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition rerelease is now available physically. The digital version dropped back in June 2020, but now the 352-page hardcover collector’s edition is available for $24.99 too.

As this is an anniversary edition, Kodansha did a little something special for the release. It being available in a hardcover tome, as opposed to the standard paperback mangas, is one twist. However, this release also has more color pages and is larger than a usual manga volume. (It comes in at 6” x 1.4” x 8.5”.)

Kodansha shared a tweet with a few images from the first chapter’s introduction. The official site also lets people look at 28 color and black-and-white pages.

Chobits is set in a world where Persocoms, personal computer robots that act as companions and assistants, are a part of everyday life. Hideki, a broke college student who desperately wants a Persocom, ends up finding one in the trash after work. He brings her home and activates her, but finds Chi isn’t like a typical unit. What follows is a romantic, slice-of-life story where we see how Hideki and Chi growing closer together and her learning about life.

Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition volume 1 is now available both physically and digitally in English. The second installment will get a simultaneous September 29, 2020 digital and physical launch.

Jenni Lada
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