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Choose Your Guns Wisely In Splatoon



    In the upcoming Wii U title, Splatoon, you’ll shoot ink instead of bullets, and the guns look a lot like those water guns you used to soak your friends with when you were a kid. The official Twitter account for the game shares a closer look at a couple weapons.



    The video shares a look at the “Splashooter” and “.52 Gallon” weapons in action. As you might have noticed, the Splashooter has a better firing rate, but the .52 Gallon covers more area per shot.



    According to the folks over at the Squid Laboratory, the .52 Gallon uses up more ink per shot, but it was designed as a shooter with more enhanced power. It might be slower, but it specializes in hitting your target with precision.


    Splatoon will release this May for Wii U.

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