Chronicle Of Ruin’s Mixture Of Tactical & RPG Combat Comes To Kickstarter



Chronicle of Ruin, the tactical game that mixes in JRPG elements, has begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds to ensure its projected Summer 2017 release.




Chronicle of Ruin will have players creating squads to fight back against their opponent’s squads in tactical combat. Those squads are made up of units that have their own job classes (Of the 28 classes to choose from and level up) and equipment, composed of characters the player has chosen that will fight back against the enemy squad’s units in turn-based combat when they clash on the field.




Each of the player’s squads, on top of having four or five regular units, will also feature a hero that can give the squad unique abilities. These can let the player use stealth to sneak past enemies, smite their foes, or teleport around the map, among other powers. They can also offer passive abilities that increase preemptive strikes or increase movement speed.




In turn-based combat, the player can also execute timed button presses with their attacks in order to do more damage. As player units do damage or agitate the enemy’s units, they can also direct combat using the game’s Aggro System, which will give them the ability to guide the enemy’s assault with careful planning.




As players battle across the world map, they will discover garrison points, which are places their armies can rest and heal. Each of these places can be explored like an RPG dungeon, switching to a top-down view as players seek treasure and important quest items within.

Alistair Wong
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