Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Live Tour 2019 Blu-ray Will Appear in April

Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Live Tour 2019 Blu-ray

People worldwide will have a chance to see the Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Live Tour 2019 performance. Procyon and Sleigh Bells announced that the Blu-ray will appear outside of Japan. Both standard and normal editions will appear on April 14, 2021. It will feature a partial English localization, as its audio commentary and documentary will not be translated.

As the title suggests, the performance focuses on music from the JRPG. There are 39 songs from the game featured. (Some only appear in medleys.) Also, everything said during the concert itself will be accompanied by English subtitles.

This is the full track listing for the Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Live Tour 2019 Blu-ray.

  1. “Prelude to a Dream”
  2. “Chrono Cross: Scars of Time”
  3. “Dreams of the Ages”
  4. “The Sea of Eden”
  5. “The Brink of Death”
  6. “Arni”
  7. “Shore of Dreams (Another World)”
  8. “Fossil Valley”
  9. “Termina (Another World)”
  10. “Shadow Forest”
  11. “Viper Manor / Whirlwind / Victory: Call of Summer Medley”
  12. “Slumber”
  13. “Guldove”
  14. “Sailing (Another World)”
  15. “Fort Dragonia”
  16. “Dimension Breach: The Bend of Time”
  17. “The Dead Sea: Tower of Geddon”
  18. “Bound by Fate”
  19. “Etude 1 / Etude 2 / Magical Dreamers: Wind, Stars, and Waves”
  20. “Gaea’s Navel
  21. “Fates: Divine Destiny”
  22. “Burning Orphanage / The Girl Who Stole the Stars Medley”
  23. “The Frozen Flame”
  24. “The Dragon God”
  25. “The Darkness of Time / Light Cast on the Lost / Life: A Distant Promise”
  26. “Radical Dreamers: Le Tresor Interdit”
  27. “Fragments of a Dream:
  28. “Miraculous & Mystifying / Zelbess”
  29. “Sailing (Home World)”
  30. “Chronomantic”
  31. “Marbule”

The standard version of the Blu-ray will be ¥5,800 (~$56). This gives you the concert and a booklet. The Procyon-exclusive limited edition is ¥12,000 (~$116). That includes the concert, a behind-the-scenes video, and a DL card that gives you Sam Griffin’s Our Cerulean Skies. The additional album offers guitar arrangements of the following songs.

  1. “Chrono Cross: Scars of Time”
  2. “Arni (Home World)”
  3. “Shore of Dreams (Another World”
  4. “Whirlwind”
  5. “Guldove (Home World)”
  6. “Termina (Another World)”
  7. “The Girl Who Stole the Stars”
  8. “Gaea’s Navel”
  9. “Bound by Fate”
  10. “Dragon God”
  11. “Reminisce: Enduring Thoughts”
  12. “Radical Dreamers: Le Tresor Interdit”

Here’s a video offering samples of the Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Live Tour 2019 Blu-ray performances.

Chrono Cross appeared on the PlayStation back in 1999 in Japan. The Chrono Trigger sequel then appeared worldwide in 2000. It also appeared as a PSOne Classic worldwide, with PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita owners able to play through it again.

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