Chucklefish Is Working On Advance Wars And Magician’s Quest-Style Games




Now that Starbound has been released, Chucklefish’s CEO, Finn “Tiy” Brice, has been talking about the developer’s next two games. Both will feature gameplay similar to ones we’ve seen in Japanese titles. One is a strategic title inspired by Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, while the other sounds a lot like Konami’s Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times.


Brice’s confirmed the two projects on Twitter yesterday, while confirming Starbound support will continue. He shared a screenshot of the Advance Wars/Fire Emblem-inspired project, as well as a brief video clip. In the image, we see a commander named Mercia is on day two of a battle, with armies that have infantry, cavalry, mage, naval, and possibly draconic units. The full game would have online multiplayer, and Steam Workshop support was also mentioned. The video shows an example of a battle.

Information on the other Chucklefish game, which may end up being called Spellbound, was provided to PC Gamer by Brice. Brice described it as “Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter. It will be a life sim and RPG set at a magic school and offer classes and dating. The artistic direction is shown in a ten second video that was released on October 13, 2016.



Both Chucklefish games are in development for the PC.

Jenni Lada
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