ciel2A few more details about Ciel no Surge, Gust’s upcoming PlayStation Vita game, come from retail listings. Most of the information we covered before, so here’s a quick recap.


Ciel no Surge stars Ion, a mysterious girl who has amnesia. Your job is to awaken her memories by using dive gates to enter her mind. When you aren’t wandering through Ion’s psyche, Ciel no Surge plays like a communication game where you can bond with her.


Ion lives life on a 24 hour clock (it isn’t clear if this is real time or in game time) and she does her own thing depending on the time of day. You will see Ion eat, sleep, and wash up in her daily routine. Ion also has costumes she can change into. First print copies of Ciel no Surge include a PSN code to download clothes and accessories. This confirms news from a previous post that Ciel no Surge may have downloadable content.


Ciel no Surge comes out on April 26 in Japan.

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