We previously reported that Atelier developers, Gust, announced free DLC for their Vita game, Ciel No Surge, which features a talk pack that allows you to take Ion out on a date at a church. In addition to this pack, Gust have also recently announced another piece of new DLC, featuring a brand new scenario for the game.


In the upcoming DLC, called Sky Pack Vol. 6, Ion and the others who were restrained by PLASMA are rescued by a group of men who call themselves “Quantize”. They are taken to a “Coron” (giant floating cities) that is said to have all the seasons of the year, called Coron Four Season. Upon arrival, the perplexed Ion and friends meet the head of Quantize, by the name of Hyumeri, and learn that Quantize are an organization that take action in hopes of returning their world back its normal form.


During their stay at the Coron Four Season, Ion’s friend Cas unexpectedly meets up with an old friend, named Sally, who she knew during her earlier days at the Coron. Sally has actually been chasing Ion ever since the ceremony of the Imperial Throne succession, and makes a shocking discovery upon their fated encounter. To top it off, the crew meet Jill, an instructor at Sally’s Imperial Academy. This meeting will not only involve Ion into the start of a whole new dilemma, but also her friends Nei and Turbo.



Ciel No Surge’s Sky Pack Vol. 6 will is out this month for 500 yen. Gust have also announced a new costume and accessory DLC, which have yet to be revealed and will also be coming out this month.


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