Cinnamoroll Wins 2022 Sanrio Popularity Poll Again

sanrio popularity poll 2022

Sanrio announced its Sanrio character popularity poll for 2022, with Cinnamoroll taking the top spot. While the Tweet only showed the top three characters in Japan, the website shows the placings for 80 characters. In total, there were 26,467,259 votes. Merchandise of the top characters will appear in the future.

In Japan, the top ten Sanrio characters for 2022 are:

  1. Cinnamoroll
  2. Pompompurin
  3. Kuromi
  4. Pochacco
  5. My Melody
  6. Hello Kitty
  7. Little Twin Stars
  8. Hangyodon
  9. Cogimyun
  10. Tuxedo Sam

The top three mascots also appear several times in the placings for other territories. Mascots popular enough to place in the top three in other countries include Yoshikitty, Aggretsuko, and Gudetama. As well, the top ten of 2022 is more or less the same list from 2021. A main difference is that Hangyodon took Show By Rock’s spot, and Kuromi managed to beat out Pochacco for a spot in the top three.

Sanrio will release merchandise and downloadable Simeji of the most popular characters. You will be able to download the Simeji for a limited time until July 3, 2022. From September 2022, it will release an atari kuji in stores such as 7-11, and it will cost 680 JPY per spin. Goods include pouches and finger puppets. As well, Sanrio will release scales featuring characters who placed within the top ten.

The top ten characters from the 2022 Sanrio popularity poll will appear on upcoming commemorative merchandise.

Stephanie Liu
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