City Of The Shroud Combines Fighting Game And Tactical Team Battler


City of the Shroud is a tactical fighting RPG that’s currently up on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. There’s also a demo you can download here. If successfully crowdfunded, it should be out around August 2016.


The biggest draw of City of the Shroud is its battle system. It combines real-time fighting systems with team-based tactics. This is managed through the Combo Wheel system.

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“Using the combo system, you weave attacks together to trigger special abilities and chain them into powerful combos,” explains the game’s creators. “However, you do so at greater risk to yourself: do you save up your Action Points for a big, but slow, combo, or do you take an opportunity to land a smaller combo now? Or perhaps you play patiently, and work your opponent into a bad position so you can execute a devastating combo while their guard is down.”


Outside of the Combo Wheel, your decisions in combat will also be affected by the character classes you have available to you and the abilities you’ve unlocked for them. It’s not just a single player game either as City of the Shroud will have a PvP mode too.

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The other feature of City of the Shroud worth noting is that it will have a community-driven narrative. It’ll be released in episodes and the cumulative actions and decisions of all the players will affect how the game’s author, Moira Katson will pen the next part of the story.

Chris Priestman