Bandai Namco showcased the first trailer for City Shrouded in Shadow, an upcoming survival game featuring giants from various series by the makers of the Disaster Report series, Granzella.


We’ve been seeing plenty of “giant shadows” from various series appear in City Shrouded in Shadow so far, but the game’s first trailer reminds us that it won’t be about being a hero to take them down, but it’ll be a survival action game similar to the Disaster Report games.


The core of the game is the drama behind the protagonist, who appears to be getting targeted by the giants in the trailer, for some unknown reason.



First-print copies of the game include Masayuki Sudo and Mari Aizawa costumes from Disaster Report as well as costumes from Kazuya Shinohara and Haruka Fujimiya from Disaster Report 2.


City Shrouded in Shadow releases in Japan on October 19, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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