Clannad’s English Translation Is Now Fully Complete



Sekai Project has announced in a Kickstarter update that the English translation of Clannad, including side stories, is now complete.


“To add to the excitement, initial editing is only a few scripts away from being completed as well,” Sekai Project added. “For the next couple of months we’ll be hard at work polishing the script, making sure this will be the best translation of CLANNAD.”


Sekai Project also revealed that every image in the game has been upgraded to 1280×960. “We’re now working to transfer the script from the original Memorial Edition to the new HD Edition,” it said.


In less positive news, Sekai Project also announced that the physical version of Clannad will have DRM by the way of a CD-check mechanism, and that’s on the main disc and side stories disc.

Chris Priestman