Class of Heroes 3 Western Release - Celestian

Class of Heroes 3 on PSP is wrapping up development for its Western release. Presently, the game is in the final testing phase and publisher Gaijinworks is exploring the option of a physical edition.


The announcement for Class of Heroes 3’s Western localization was over a year ago, and the game was anticipated to launch before the end of last year.


Gaijinworks President Victor Ireland explained the situation, “Yes, Class of Heroes 3 is still coming.” In Ireland’s forum post, he explains working out the logistics of a physical release has been time consuming and the company is holding off on any further announcements until they have firmed up their plans.


That being said, those interested in owning the physical edition of Class of Heroes 3 may want to jump on the presale opportunity if it becomes available, because it’s sounding like the potential physical edition will be available in limited, made-to-order quantities. Ireland continued, “there won’t be time for an interest poll, so we’ll just go straight to the presale if we get the UMD go-ahead, and make whatever we sell.”


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