Class of Heroes: School Is Back In Session



My current party:

  • Clay (Lvl 3 Dwarf Warrior)
  • Helo (Lvl 3 Felpier Warrior)
  • Akiko (Lvl 4 Human Cleric)
  • Kara (Lvl 3 Drake Ranger)
  • Angie (Lvl 5 Sprite Devout
  • Boomer (Lvl 3 Erdgeist Wizard)


I’m finally starting to make some progress in Class of Heroes. I’m still working through the quests in the Novice dungeon, but it’s going a lot faster now that I saved up enough money to buy a slingshot and sling-stones for my back-row ranger, Kara. She had first started off as a thief, but I changed her class (called a major in the game) to a ranger. The tricky thing about buying her the slingshot was that I had to purchase both the slingshot and sling-stones, which are separate items, for her to be able to equip it. I only had enough money for one at first, so I had to return to the dungeon to grind for more money to buy the other.


Items in the Campus Store are ridiculously expensive so I’ve been spending about 50% of my time in the Laboratory. Because of the way inventory is stored, I have to look in my item bag (where I keep all my general loot) to see what materials I have, look in the Recipe Book in the Laboratory to see if there’s something I can make, head to the Dorm to pick up additional items for the synthesis from the Locker, and finally head back to the Laboratory to synthesize the item. It’s a shame that synthesizing something takes so many steps because it really is a major way to get equipment and upgrade current equipment.




I moved Akiko, my cleric to the front row because she didn’t have any medium or long range weapons, so she was just doing nothing in the back row for most battles. She’s actually holding her own since she’s in the 3rd slot in the front row. The first two slots get hit the most, but my two warriors can take the beating.


My next order of business is to make or acquire some medium or long range weapons for Angie (Devout) and Boomer (Wizard) so that they could attack when they’re not casting spells.

Louise Yang