Classes & Character Details Release With Arcadian Atlas’ Kickstarter Campaign



Isometric, tactical RPG Arcadian Atlas has started its Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns, releasing more character details and class information along with them.




Drawing inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics, Arcadian Atlas offers multiple character classes to outfit your band of heroes with as you face off against intelligent opponents. Unlike its inspiration, players must settle on their character’s class when they begin the game and evolve it as they play. In the developer’s words: “no class hopping, but instead class evolution.”




To add some variety, each class will subdivide into two more Advanced Classes as the character levels up. This will create more opportunities for unique builds for a character, giving them access to skill trees that will make the character stand out. Players will also be able to dictate a character’s starting stats, allowing for more effective builds for certain types of character.




Classes such as the Ranger will grant bow abilities, but also skills that relate to plant life. The Apothecary can use potions to heal or devastate the enemy. The Warmancer can use magic and brute force. The developers promise many more classes alongside these, as well as many of the Advanced Classes they will grow into.


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The developers promise that terrain will have an effect on combat, with rapids slowing down movement, trees protecting units from bows, and more.




Arcadian Atlas’ story revolves around Vashti and Desmond, two members of the Royal Guard who will find themselves torn apart by strongly opposing sides in a war.

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