Classic Arcade Shooter Raiden IV: OverKill Is Heading To Steam This Fall



MOSS Ltd.’s vertical-scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up Raiden IV: OverKill will be coming to Steam this fall (thanks Matthew Noel!). It’ll come with a special OST with a total of 27 music tracks as well as a secret PDF art-book.


The original game (just called Raiden IV) was released back in 2007 in Japan for arcade machines. It wasn’t until 2009 that it was brought to the rest of the world on Xbox 360. However, this console version didn’t go down so well. It wasn’t until last year when the OverKill version was released on PSN that Raiden IV found its stride. Luckily, of course, this is the version that’s heading to Steam for Windows.


Most notably, it adds the OverKill Mode, which lets you deal out additional damage on larger ships after their life has depleted. There are five stages of “OverKill” that each give you a medal and stack up extra points – essential to reach the top of the Score Attack mode leaderboards.


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There are also new mission stages, an Additional mode that’s just a variation on Arcade mode with two new stages, and new bosses to defeat in all these new stages.


Other than that, you get to take up powerful weapons such as the Vulcan Laser and Spread Shot to take down hordes of enemy ships in bright and colorful displays.

Chris Priestman