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Classic Boxing Simulation, Boxer’s Road, Hits PSOne Classics In Japan



In September of 1995, a company known as New released a boxing simulator game on the PlayStation, called Boxer’s Road. While it never made it outside Japan, it was recently introduced to the PSN Classics Archives in Japan. Dengeki Online tells us more about the game.


While Boxer’s Road didn’t really stand out much in terms of graphics, it more than made up for it with its rather in-depth gameplay, which is split into two parts of actual boxing fights and a growth part.


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The growth part consists of all kinds of training regiments for the boxer. There are nine different training courses that give different results. Additionally, as a trainer, you also had to pick their meal courses to give them the top-notch nutrition to go with their training.


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Once the boxer is ready, he can step into the ring and challenge his next opponent. This part of the game is set up as an action game, but it’s actually all in slow motion, where every punch and movement matters. Dengeki says it’s more of a fight of wits and technique than anything.


boxersroad_04_cs1w1_640x493 boxersroad_05_cs1w1_640x493

You can also select a “Retire” option at any time during the game. Once you retire, the next fight becomes the last one, followed by the ending. Of course the ultimate goal is to become the champion, which also has what’s considered the true ending.


Dengeki concludes by saying that Boxer’s Road is a calm and quite game, but the more you play it, the more depth there is to enjoy. For those of you who are interested in seeing what it’s like to be a boxer, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Boxer’s Road is currently on PSN in Japan for 617 yen for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PSP.

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