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Claybook Lets Players Relax & Play With Digital Clay



Claybook will have players acting as some brave kids who have found a magical book that contains clay worlds, playing with the objects and environments within to solve puzzles or simply relax with a fun digital toy.



All of Claybook’s locations and objects are formed of digital clay, all of which uses a physics system that makes it behave and look like clay in action. This means that players can change or deform any aspect of the environment, as well as freeze, melt, or otherwise alter it to give it other useful properties, juggling all of these possibilities to overcome certain situations throughout the game’s story.


Players can work together to overcome in-game puzzles through local multiplayer,  and will also be able to team up to create new chapters and locations, hand-crafting their own worlds using the game’s various crafting systems.




Claybook is currently in development, and interested players can follow its creation through the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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