Clean Up Crime Scenes, Learn About The Victims In The Upcoming Do Not Cross



Probably one of the most grim yet fascinating jobs in the world is being a forensic cleaner. You know, the people in the white overalls who head into crime scenes to clean up all the mess. An upcoming game called Do Not Cross is all about playing as one of those people.


It tasks you with cleaning up crime scenes in a number of different mini-games. The majority of the game is played out like a point-and-click adventure, but these mini-games will have interactions that are specific to each of them, such as moving a scrubbing brush over a bloodied tiled floor to clean it.


But there’s more to Do Not Cross than that. It has a narrative that you can opt in to by investigating the possessions of victims and to look further into each crime towards solving it. The only thing you have to do is clean up, though, so all of this is completely optional.



According to the game’s creators, letting the character—known as Jack—get involved in the crime investigations will have a toll on his personality. That’s part of being left alone with such a dark part of human nature and confronting it head first.


As with the real life job it simulates, Do Not Cross seems both engrossing and gloomy. You can follow its development over on the TIGSource forums.

Chris Priestman