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Clobber Lu Bu In Free-To-Play Beat ‘Em Up Knights Of Valour


Knights of Valour, a free-to-play beat ‘em up inspired by The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, has been released on the US Playstation store for play on PS4.


Knights of Valour allows players, with up to three friends, to battle their way through a fantasy world as they seek to defeat the Yan Emperor. Players can choose from seven different characters with varied playstyles, growing them using found equipment and learned skills. They can also further refine them with custom combos, finding which attacks work best in tandem to take down the hordes of enemies in their way.

Should players not wish to tangle with Lu Bu on their own, they can bring in one to three online allies to help in the fight. 


Knights of Valour is available now for free on the Playstation Store.

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