A Closer Look At The Neo Geo Mini And Its Controller


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The NeoGeo Mini was on display at E3 this past week, and 4Gamer was able to playtest and report on how the mini console feels like.


Here’s the highlights:

neogeo mini playtest 3


This is the NeoGeo Mini and the NeoGeo Mini International side-by-side. The screens for both mini consoles are quite bright, and the screens are pixel-perfect to the original Neo Geo arcade cabinet. The Japanese NeoGeo Mini has an AC indicator, while the International version has a light around the joystick.


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The arcade controls on the console itself are locked to Player 1, but players can also plug in a USB Type-C controller that is shaped like the NeoGeo CD controller, which is sold separately. At least one of these will need to bought in order to play 2-player on this console, by plugging it in the P2 port. The arcade controls are disabled if the controller is plugged into the P1 side.


neogeo mini playtest 6


On the back of the NeoGeo Mini, there is the DC input, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an HDMI output that can connect to a TV. If headphones aren’t plugged in, sound is played through the stereo speakers on the front of the console.


Furthermore, 4Gamer confirmed that there is no internal battery in the NeoGeo Mini. If you want to play it, you’ll need a power source of some sort on-hand.



The arcade controls on the console itself are surprisingly easy to use. While the buttons are a bit close together, it turns out to be something that you can easily get used to. Meanwhile, 4Gamer found the 8-directional joystick to be very easy to use, so much that they had an easier time pulling off Shoryuken motions on the arcade controls rather than the external controller.


They also noted that the International and Japanese versions of the NeoGeo Mini seem to have a different feeling to the joysticks. The Japanese version is apparently more soft and smoother.


Finally, a SNK representative confirmed that quite a few people have requested an arcade stick that can work with the NeoGeo Mini, and they are currently considering the possibility of making one for the machine.


The NeoGeo Mini will be released in Japan during Summer 2018, and worldwide later on.

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