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A Closer Look At Tales of Berseria’s New Characters Magilou And Bienfu


Bandai Namco recently shared more on Tales of Berseria’s Soul Gauge System details, and they’ve followed up with a closer look at two of its newest characters in Magilou and Bienfu.


“I suppose you’ll never understand. People can be so miserable. Not that it matters, really.”

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Height: 160cm

Weapon: Guardian

Fighting type: Witch

Tribe: Human

Character Voice played by: Satomi Sato

Magilou is a mysterious woman who introduces herself as a “great sorceress” and “Head of Menagerie”, even though their reputation is for “unlicensed witchcraft”.

She is easy going and rather reckless at times. Extroverted and chatty, Magilou could break the ice in any party conversation, but there’s something sinister about her: something in the heartless things she says to Velvet, and the callous phrases she can sometimes spout, that hint at an evil edge befitting the title “witch”.

Magilou’s chatty demeanour hides veiled intent behind gibberish, jokes and lies. Though she seems cheerful enough, there is something of a trickster about her. Occasionally her heartless behaviour can uncover great truths.

Her fighting style is a rear guard type and she is great at fire and water artes.

In melee battles, she transforms her guardian into various forms and fights in a skillful way!


“Bieeen! The bad times have returned!”

Gender: Male? Tribe: Malak

Character Voice played by: Nao Nagasawa

A peculiar malak with a rather unique hat.

Bienfu can happily be called an eccentric with its characteristic style and habit of saying “Bieeen” and “Bad!”

Bienfu seems feeble but thrives on adversity and lives its life with shrewd attention and strong intent. It seems Bienfu and Magilou may have crossed paths before, though not in good circumstances, as whenever it meets her, it is incredibly fearful.

Unlike many other malaks who do not have their own will, Bienfu shows its personality with various facial expressions.

Tales of Berseria is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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