Code Geass Producer Goro Taniguchi’s Project Establife Will Include a Mobile Game

Goro Taniguchi and Square Enix creating new mobile game Establishment in Life Establife Unity Memories

Goro Taniguchi, the anime producer best known for the Code Geass franchise, has revealed a new multimedia project titled Establishment in Life. The project’s title can also be abbreviated to Establife. It will consist of a TV anime show with the subtitle Great Escape, an anime movie, and a mobile game subtitled Unity Memories. Square Enix will handle the mobile game, while Polygon Pictures will work on both anime adaptations.

The Establife universe will take place in a far future where the world population had peaked and moved towards a decline. In this universe, humanity created an AI tasked to manage the species’ livelihood. The AI then discovered a new genetic modification method that lets people change their looks to cyborgs, demons, or human beasts.

The AI also segregated areas into Clusters separated by high walls. Each Cluster has its own unique culture and way of life. The Great Escape TV anime show will focus its story on five characters who help other people move to other Clusters, which generally would not be possible due to the AI’s strict management.

Here’s the official reveal trailer for Goro Taniguchi’s new multimedia project Establishment in Life (Establife):

The Establishment in Life project will launch with the TV anime show, Establife: Great Escape, airing on Fuji TV + Ultra in April 2022. Square Enix’s new mobile game, Establife: Unity Memories, will come to Android and iOS devices at an unspecified date.

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