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Code Vein Mia Karnstein Statue Leans on Her Stinger Blood Veil

Code Vein Mia Karnstein statue by Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company has revealed a 1/7 scale statue of Mia Karnstein from Code Vein. The company expects to finish the 26 cm (~10.25 in) tall static figure and deliver it starting from August 2022.

As one of the NPCs who can be chosen as the player’s companion buddy in Code Vein, Mia Karnstein wields a bayonet rifle and a Stinger-type Blood Veil. The latter refers to the wired sword-like contraption that originally morphed from Mia’s tailcoat. In the original game, Mia would use this Stinger to absorb her enemy’s blood from a safe distance.

The new statue has Mia’s entire body leaning on the Stinger Blood Veil. Her face, hair, and attire show great amounts of detail. Additionally, the figure stand features ice and snowy to match her looks.

Those residing in the United States and Canada are able to pre-order the statue on GoodSmile Online Shop US for $226.99. Pre-orders end on May 12, 2021. The finished product is expected to ship in North America in September 2022.

Code Vein Mia Karnstein statue by Good Smile Company - full photo

In Code Vein, Mia Karnstein is known to be very protective towards her younger brother Nicola, her only remaining family member. She doesn’t hesitate in confronting fellow Revenants as she prioritizes the wellbeing of Nicola over anything else. Mia is voiced by Ai Kayano in Japanese and Erica Mendez in English.

Bandai Namco’s Code Vein is immediately available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Microsoft recently added the PC version of the game to Xbox Game Pass in February 2021.

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