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Code Vein Shows Off Early Story Details, And The New Field ‘Cathedral Of White Blood’


    code vein cathedral 1

    Bandai Namco recently shared more on Code Vein, focusing on early story sequences, the new field ‘Cathedral of White Blood’, and Jack and Eva’s Buddy abilities. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


    The story so far…

    code vein io

    Io and the protagonist fights QUEEN, and afterwards they wake up in an unknown area. Both of them have lost their memory.


    code vein io 2


    Io leads the protagonist to a Blood Tear Spring which has dried up, but somehow Io knows about the protagonist’s ability to restore the Springs. They rest near the Spring, but are then taken captive.


    code vein io 3 code vein io 4

    code vein io 5

    code vein io 6

    Brought into Revenant society, they find out that due to high blood taxes, Revenants have been put into castes, with weaker Revenants treated as slaves to hunt for Blood Tears.


    code vein io 7 code vein io 8

    After retrieving the Blood Tear, the protagonist and Io head back, but not before being attacked by Revenants who have lost their sanity due to the miasma. When they get into danger, Rui saves them, and they continue their journey together.


    code vein io 10 code vein io 11

    code vein io 12 code vein io 13

    code vein io 14

    code vein io 15

    Rui sees the protagonist’s ability for himself, and decides to lead the protagonist to his base, in hopes he can achieve his goal.


    New field: The Cathedral of White Blood

    code vein cathedral 1

    A floating cathedral that mires explorers in the labyrinthian winding corridors around it.


    code vein cathedral 2 code vein cathedral 3

    code vein cathedral 4 code vein cathedral 5

    The paths are dotted by cylindrical rooms which many exits which will undoubtedly confuse players.


    code vein cathedral 6

    code vein cathedral 7

    code vein cathedral 8 code vein cathedral 9

    The Cathedral is also protected by various monsters and automatons.


    code vein cathedral 10

    code vein cathedral 11

    At the end of the trek to the Cathedral, Io is seemingly waiting there, and she gives the protagonist a mysterious item.


    QUEEN’s Successor

    code vein cathedral 12

    code vein cathedral 13

    After countless attempts to stop QUEEN’s regeneration, the one method that was found was to ‘fuse her with another body’. As a result, measures were taken for the God Shell (the name for QUEEN’s divided body) to be transplanted into another person’s body.


    code vein cathedral 14 code vein cathedral 15

    code vein cathedral 16 code vein cathedral 17

    code vein cathedral 18

    Jack’s duty is to determine who is worthy of receiving the God Shell. Revenants may go berserk when the God Shell is inserted into their body, and Jack’s other task is to dispose of them if they show signs of doing so, while Eva sings to keep them calm.


    Revenants must have a high compatibility with the God Shell in order to be chosen as a candidate. Even then, they need to prove to Jack that they have a strong determination and willpower.


    The Ribcage Successor

    code vein boss 1

    A berserk Successor who has already lost all notion of being human. It attacks with chains and various elements. Due to having a partial amount of QUEEN’s power, it is stronger than any boss seen so far.


    code vein boss 2 code vein boss 3

    code vein boss 4 code vein boss 5

    code vein boss 6 code vein boss 7


    Jack’s Buddy Specialty

    code vein boss 8

    code vein boss 9

    code vein boss 10

    Jack is a close-range fighter who moves and evades quickly. He attacks with ‘Blood Shot’ and uses the stamina-increasing ‘Active Record’ to compliment his fighting style.


    code vein boss 11

    code vein boss 12

    Jack and the protagonist’s Co-Op Gift, ‘Fatal Day’ trades regeneration for increased attack and reduced stamina cost.


    Eva’s Buddy Specialty

    code vein boss 13 code vein boss 14

    code vein boss 15 code vein boss 16

    Eva provides support fire using her gunsword, using Gifts such as ‘Blood Shot’ and the high-damaging ‘Bleed Roar’. Her Co-Op Gift is ‘Limited Song’, trading increased Ichor stock consumption for enhanced Gifts and Drain.


    Code Vein releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.

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