Collector’s Corner: Good Smile Company Picks for May 2020

Good Smile Company Sakura Miku Nendoroid

Welcome to the first ever installment of Collector’s Corner! This will (hopefully) be a semi-regular column of sorts where I round up some of my favorite figures either up for preorder or on store shelves right now. For our inaugural post, I’ll be showing off recent announcements from Good Smile Company.

First up is a new Nendoroid from one of my favorite manga/anime/movie series. Crayon Shin-chan first took off in 1990 and, in my personal opinion, this figure has been a long time coming. Shin-chan comes with his furry sidekick Shiro and a box of Chocobi, the best snack on the planet. But perhaps the very best thing about this Nendo is Shin-chan’s pasty white bubble butt. He can be yours in October 2020 for $52.99.

My wallet wept when it found out that I could also get myself a mini Mads Mikkelsen for my figure shelf to celebrate Death Stranding‘s first birthday this November. There are two Nendoroids of Cliff up for preorder right now: a base model and a DX version. Good Smile Company’s DX edition comes with special head pieces and his tactical helmet, which is well worth the $64.99 to this collector. But if you aren’t as gung-ho about all the extra bits and bobs (both versions come with the creepy doll), then you can always go for the $49.99 version.

Hatsune Miku’s popularity has only grown since she debuted. Every year, there seem to be at least 20 new figures dedicated to her alone. Good Smile Company will be launching new versions of their Sakura Miku. The first belongs to the Nendoroid Doll line. This means you get to play dress up with actual fabric clothing! If you already ordered the original Miku Nendo Doll and can’t afford a second one, you can buy the outfit separately for $39.99. Not interested in Nendos, but still want something poseable? A figma Sakura Miku is coming out in December 2020 alongside the Nendo Doll. It’s $83.99 for the figma and $65.99 for the Doll.

Another series that seems to get a dozen new figures every month is the the complicated and sometimes confusing Fate universe. This time around, Nero Claudius joins the Good Smile Company Racing Team. Featuring a race suit based on yet another incarnation of Saber in Fate Grand/Order, she looks pretty damn good. The detailing is outstanding – just check out that posterior. If Saber is your #1 waifu, she’ll be shipping out in December 2020 with an $83.99 price tag.

Last but certainly not least are some of the most adorable figures debuting this month. These Demon Slayer Pocket Maquettes clock in at 50mm tall. So small they fit in the palm of your hand! There are additional parts so you can display them sitting, and can be shown off with or without their blades. Don’t you just want to give them all a good home, maybe make tiny beds for them, or host tea parties with itty bitty tea cups? The full set will run you $29.94 and should be out just in time for my birthday in August. (Hint hint.)

Don’t dawdle if any of these figures tickle your fancy. Most of these have pre-order deadlines coming up in June. I’ve locked down my Shin-chan and Cliff DX Nendoroids and am this close to pulling the trigger on the Demon Slayer chibis. Another cool bonus to note: until May 7, 2020, if you purchase any of the in stock and on sale Nendoroids from the Good Smile Company webstore, you can get a free face mask part.

Annette Polis
Annette is an avid gamer and obsessed with Nendoroids. She is that one person you know who actually likes Fallout 76. You may have spotted her streaming or writing about video games elsewhere. Annette contributes reviews and playtests for Siliconera and assists with contests and giveaways.