Colopl Rune Story Blends City Building With An Action RPG


Colopl Rune Story is now out worldwide for iOS and Android and is free to download. It’s a blend of RPG, city-building, and resource-management that developer Colopl says is a more Western-friendly take on its action-RPG White Cat Project.


The game’s story goes like this:


From the flying island of Astora to the final destination of ‘The World’s End,’ players must use a mystical rune compass to uncover ancient magical runesthat fell from the sky centuries ago. Recruiting and training hundreds of characters, joining forces with other players, as well as building a town from which to harvest resources and upgrade weaponry are key to leading a strong army.


Colopl Rune Story has over 1,000 quests to complete across its 11 flying islands. There’s also a real-time co-op and Guild system to encourage you to meet other players, perform combo attacks, slay bosses, and gain Guild Points by completely co-op quests.


It also has more than 200 characters you can recruit with thousands of weapon combinations within six classes—Fencer, Lancer, Warrior, Brawler, Sniper, and Mage. To keep all these people happy you’ll need to step up to the role of mayor and build a town to harvest food and supplies, as well as give training for your fighters and forge them new weapons.

Chris Priestman