Izle is a low-poly co-op 3D action adventure RPG that’ll be bringing its vibrant colors to PC and next-gen consoles (none specified yet) in 2015.


Parisian developer Area Effect has been sharing work-in-progress screenshots of Izle recently and it has certainly proved eye-catching. The world of Izle is a colorful place, which makes it all the more heart-breaking if you were to fail the game’s mission and have to watch as it’s consumed by darkness.


You see, Izle puts you in the position of a warrior who must summon the power of the gods to protect the remaining fragmented isle floating in space upon which civilization must regrow after a long war with the shadows.


What you need to do, then, is to call upon the Gods of Light to help terraform the island. You’ll be able to create “treacherous undergrounds, sky castles, ivory towers, dungeons and elemental mysteries.” Each time you do, the gods request that you complete a quest for them.


Completing these quests grants you one of the “Shards of Light”, which can be used to either reinforce the magical shell that defends what’s left of your world, or you can use it to craft powerful items of Light.


Eventually, after restoring some of your world, and acquiring new items that you tailor to create your own class and gain new abilities in order to grow stronger, you’ll get the chance to take down the shadows in the Dark Citadel. If you fail then your world will be destroyed – all of your hard work for nothing.


Izle is currently in pre-alpha and there should be a trailer and a demo coming shortly. You can keep up with its development over on its website.

Chris Priestman

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