In This Colourful Bullet Hell Shooter, You Aren’t Piloting A Ship… You’re Escaping From One


Assault Android Cactus by Aussie devs Witch Beam caught our eye with its frantic action and cute android ladies while we were wandering through Tokyo Game Show’s indie section last week.

The game, which is now on Steam’s early access page, lets players choose from one of several android girls stuck on a malfunctioning space freighter. To escape, you have to battle through hordes of robot foes on the shifting ship.

Each of the characters has their own weapon and attack style, and there’s a free range of movement possible. This is pretty handy with all the bullets flying around in the bullet hell shooter. The in-development version already has 15 of the planned 25 levels completed.

The game supports joystick play, as well as local co-op. Assault Android Cactus is available on Steam now.