Combine Hats & Characters To Defeat The Dapper Gentlemen Of Juno’s Darkest Hour



Juno, a roly-poly puffball, isn’t going to tolerate the theft of the world’s essence by lizard wizard Glykon, using her friends, items, and hats to defeat him in monochromatic platformer Juno’s Darkest Hour, which is currently on Steam Greenlight.




As Juno explores the the crystal caverns, haunted sky palaces, and gentleman’s lounges across the game’s forty levels, she’ll rescue various friends and allies. Each of these characters are playable, having their own bizarre abilities (such as being able to meow) that will let players access new areas and fight enemies in different ways. Using these characters in combination with specific items will be key to finding all of the games secrets.




The game also features eight boss fights, some of which offer completely different mechanics. Whether by shapeshifting into a sonic assault butterfly or an immortal warrior, these fights will require more than just platforming abilities.




A demo for Juno’s Darkest Hour is available from the developer’s site.

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