Command Mecha Girls In Anime-Style Tank Game Panzer Waltz, Out January 20th


Publisher Happy Universe is bringing anime-style tank game Panzer Waltz out of China and to the west for Android on January 20th. The iPhone version is planned to arrive in the second quarter of 2016.


It has you commanding a team of Metal Maidens – “biomechanically enhanced young ladies with tank-like attributes” – as you battle across the universe against cyborg beasts and other enemies.


To prepare your Maidens for the artillery-based battles, you’ll need to upgrade technologies and abilities when leveling up, salvage components, and arm your Maidens with the best equipment you obtain.


Panzer Waltz offers three game modes. There’s the Story mode where you’ll find RPG elements and plenty of PvE action. Then there’s an Event mode that allows for specialized PvE missions. And finally is the PvP action of Clash mode.

Chris Priestman