Communicate With Horrifying Ghosts As An Indonesian Shaman In DreadEye VR


DreadEye VR puts players to work as an Indonesian shama (dukun), having them carry out a ritual that will draw out unsettling spirits the player must then confront and communicate with.


DreadEye VR, from the developers of DreadOut, will have players following a book of ritual instructions in order to call upon the dead. This will involve cooking the right ingredients together and then ringing a bell to call the spirits out. Should players mess this part up, they have access to an hourglass item that will let them reset the ritual.

Should players do things correctly, a spirit will be called to the area, which players will need to locate using a flashlight. From here, players will find themselves drawn to other places set in rural Indonesia, and these locales are haunted by some bone-chilling creatures. Players will need to solve puzzles and explore with these beings lurking all around them, enduring their attacks and scares long enough to complete each area.


DreadEye VR is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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