Compile Heart Busts Out A New Teaser Site



Compile Heart just opened a new teaser site, and as usual, they’re not being subtle about what to expect with a pair of teaser breasts.


The website features a pair of breasts that has a voice saying sound effects when pressed. The top says 希望がイッパイ胸ッパイ“A notice from Compile Heart: Plenty of Hope, Plenty of Chest.” And the second “イ” for that is used in the word “イッパイ” was changed to look like “オッパイ,” which means boobs. You know, just in case the teaser itself wasn’t enough.


The Compile Heart teaser site doesn’t have a countdown or a date for when to expect more, but they’ll likely burst out with a reveal in the near future, and we’ll be sure to rack up on the info when they do.


Update: upon clicking on the left breast, you see some more hints with the words “SE_ _ N” and “PI_ _ _E_” appearing underneath.

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